Proxy Guide

Before you Start

What is a Proxy?

Why set up a Proxy site?

Choosing the right template

Choosing a Proxy host

Choosing a Proxy domain

Choosing a Proxy script

Setting up & Installing your Proxy

META information, Title & Footer

Customize your Proxy logo

Customize your Proxy text

CGI Proxy Installation: CHMOD to 775

Monetization of your Proxy

Making Money from your Proxy

Advert Placement & Integration

Put adverts on your Proxified pages: PHProxy

Optimize your Proxy

High Paying Proxy Keywords

Google Analytics on your Proxy

Configure a robots.txt for your Proxy

Prevent Proxy Hotlinking

Review your Proxy

Promote your Proxy

Proxy SEO & Link Building

Proxy Top Lists

Promote your Proxy with Google Groups

Paid Proxy Promotion

Proxy email blasts

Paid Proxy Links