Articles on how to build a successful proxy website!

Here’s a list of articles and links that might help you run a more efficient and effective proxy website using my templates. I definitely recommend you bookmark this page immediately :)

  • Immortality’s Proxy Secrets
    A straight forward guide on how to optimize, run and maximize revenue with your proxy websites.

  • Mubin Ahmed
    This guy writes amazing up-to-date articles concerning proxy websites.

  • Payment Blogger – Pros and Cons
    Great article outlining the Pros and the Cons of making a proxy website.

  • Web Proxy Blog
    A relatively new blog dedicated to helping users like yourself make money from proxy websites.

  • Proxy.Org Forum
    One of the original Proxy Webmaster Forums. They have almost everything there is to know about proxy. Basically your FAQ for proxy websites.

  • Digital Point Forums
    Another massive forum dedicated to webmasters alike. You can find lots of tips on how to sell, buy and manage proxy websites. You can also do link sales and exchanges with other related proxy sites.

  • Proxy Builder
    A neat tool allowing users to create fast free PHP and CGI proxy websites instantly. They also have a few good tips to get started with making web proxies.

All articles are copyrighted to their respective authors and websites. Free Proxy Templates is in no way responsible for your actions should you use any information found on other websites.

If you believe that you have a link that is worth mentioning, feel free to drop a comment or send us an email :)

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7 Responses to Articles on how to build a successful proxy website!

  1. ProxiCuted says:

    Wow. Thanx for the links. I am sure they will be of a good help to me. I want to read a lot and implement it on my site. Thanx again!

  2. Web Proxy says:

    Thanks for the great post, well be sure to mention your site on our blog

  3. Andrew says:

    Sorry, proxy lists websites will not be added, this is strictly for proxy information websites.

  4. Muhammad Haris says:

    Thanks for adding us to your list.

  5. cynic girls says:

    nice list, good work andrew

  6. Mubin says:

    Thanks for the link back! Truly appreciated Love all the themes as well.

  7. Doodee says:

    Thanks for sharing

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