Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to this page before you email us, as you might already find your questions answered and explained below:

  • Why did you start making free proxy templates? Why not sell them?
    Simple, to give something back into the community. Strangely enough, I also enjoy making these templates and I haven’t stopped since. It is very satisfying to see thousands of sites using our free templates.
  • Are these templates coded in the latest version of PHProxy / CGI Proxy / Zelune?
    Yep, all templates are currently up-to-date with the latest versions. We try to keep up to date with new script releases, but please give us a little bit of time to update the template downloads.
  • Can I please remove the footer link on one of your templates?
    Yes, but there is a small charge to do so. Please see our link removal page. Please don’t remove our links without paying to do so, as it is copyright theft and rips off our hard work.
  • Can I use your templates on more then one site?
    Yes you may and I would encourage you to do so!
  • Can I put your templates on my site for people to download?
    Not without obtaining my permission (email me). I often update the files with newer versions of scripts or make slight modifications, so don’t want ‘old’ versions being distributed. Too many people have ripped off my templates as their own or offered them for download without offering any credit to me whatsoever.
  • Can I sell your templates?
    You may only sell my templates as part of an established site, that means they are sold with a domain and earning revenue and traffic. However you cannot sell our templates as they come from this site, or as a ‘turnkey’ website.
  • Can you make me a custom design for free?
    No, I only make custom designs for a price, if you’re interested, get in contact with me. Prices of the design may differ depending on the complexity and structure of the design.
  • I already have a template, can you integrate PHProxy / CGI Proxy / Glype / Zelune into it?
    I can do this for a fee of 10$, please message us through the contact form for more details.
  • Can I buy a sponsored link one of your templates?
    Yes you may, please email me or use the contact form for more details. Each template on this website gets downloaded thousands of times, so can result in a huge number of backlinks.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    PayPal. I do not and will not issue any refunds, all payments made to me are final.
  • My question isn’t on the FAQ, what do I do?
    Use the contact form or email me about any questions you may want to ask, I will not answer any personal questions.