Introductory post… again!

Hey guys,
yesterday was quite a full on fast approach release, with 4 templates in 1 go. I would just like to reiterate again, that this is a free proxy resource site, which will mainly be giving out free proxy templates, as well as guides, tips and articles that will help you start your own proxy website.

My goal over the course of the weekend, will be to try and release a few more free proxy templates, maybe a few CGI ones too.

As well as offering free templates, I will also be selling a few paid templates which are structured mainly for high CTR and also outstanding designs, these templates will range from $1-$3 only, these are definitely affordable and worthwhile.

Note: All template demos are strictly disabled due hosting and bandwidth issues, this does NOT mean that the templates you download do not work!

Stay tuned for more massive updates.

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