Proxy Template #1 up for grabs!

This template is our first, and has a great web 2.0 feel to it. Coded in PhProxy it is nice and compact, and well focused for improved CTR. The download contains the necessary fonts, scripts and graphics needed to modify the template. You may only remove the link to Free Proxy Templates if you purchase a licence. Otherwise, please enjoy, but do NOT remove any sponsored links! Please note that the proxy in our preview is disabled.

Template preview image

Please do NOT remove any sponsored links while using our templates unless you have purchased a licence! (only $10 per domain)

Downloads: 5534 (Click here to remove links)
password to unzip template: freeproxytemplates

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30 Responses to Proxy Template #1 up for grabs!

  1. recep says:

    how will we download the template ?

  2. Luke Higton says:

    Nice theme …. doesnt work in FireFox 2 though !

  3. Andrew says:

    @recep: Find the “click here to download” text :P

    @Luke: Works for me, can you show me an example of where it’s not working?

  4. Free Myspace Layouts says:

    are we allowed to customize it?

  5. mark says:

    Very nice. Thanks!

  6. sami says:

    A really nice looking site

  7. Myspace Proxy says:

    Very nice template. Thank you!

  8. ali says:

    very nice.

  9. moj says:

    it’s verrrrrrrrrrrrrry veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy niiiiiiiiiice

  10. Mayakanon says:

    Nice template. You have to highlight your download link.

  11. wht the hell says:

    where the download sign cant see it

  12. david says:

    That’s a great looking template. Very cool, and very ‘Web 2.0’. I like the Adsense layout, and I’m sure it will get a high CTR. Thanks.

  13. proxy gratis says:

    I put only this files in my server:

    My website dont run

  14. proxy gratis says:

    Im sorry, the problem is my hosting. Now is ok

  15. Anonymous says:

    That’s a great looking template. Very cool, and very ‘Web 2.0′. I like the Adsense layout, and I’m sure it will get a high CTR. Thanks.

  16. help says:

    i get an error when i tried to browse a website

    URL Error (): An error has occured while trying to browse through the proxy.
    Failed to connect to the specified host. Possible problems are that the server was not found, the connection timed out, or the connection refused by the host. Try connecting again and check if the address is correct.

  17. Yasintha says:

    I edit config.php file and add google ad codes.but it doesent apper ads

    • Jon says:

      If there is no error on your page I think you just need to wait a while. Sometimes it takes a couple of minutes before Google start serving ads for a new website.

  18. MishuTM12 says:

    To download Press PHPROXY BUTTON

  19. Patrick says:

    No ads will show up

  20. Ellys says:

    no template for gylpe proxy?

  21. is no other version for this templates? like CGI or gylpe?

  22. Sherri Hucal says:

    Thank you so very much..😊

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