Promote your Proxy with Google Groups

One of the easiest ways to promote your proxy is to use free groups. Google groups are particularly popular with proxy webmasters, and there are plenty of completely free groups aimed at proxy users. Users are able to find up to date and fresh proxies listed on these groups. This provides you with an opportunity to tap into some targeted traffic and increase your revenue, with no outlay required.

Generally speaking there are two types of Google Groups: those that allow all members to post, and those that only allow administrators to post. The former will allow you to post your proxy link for free. In order to do so you will usually need to join the group. These are a great way to publish your link and increase your traffic. You will find that many of the larger groups do not allow posts. These groups only allow posts by administrators. To get your link displayed you will have to pay. The charge will depend on how many users there are in the group. Many of these groups also send their lists out in emails, or publish on other sites. If you decide that you want to pay for links on Google groups then make sure you know exactly what services are included. As with all paid proxy promotion, only you can decide whether this is worth it. However, it’s easy to get started with the completely free groups, which essentially offer the same service but for free.

To use Google groups you will need a Google login. If you have Adsense or Analytics then your current login will work. Now you just need to find some good groups to post at! Remember that you want relevant proxy groups; it isn’t a good idea to spam any group. Look for those that specifically ask for new proxy sites for their users. Remember to search for other relevant terms when you’re looking for groups: unblock, filter and so on. Try to find groups that have a high number of members (1000+), and that allow users to post straight away (upon joining).
Here are some Google groups that currently allow members to post links to proxies for free:

  • Daily Web Proxies – (6000+ members)
  • Free Web Proxies – (3600+ members)
  • Free Proxy Lists – (2960 + members)
  • Fresh Daily Proxy – (2150+ members)
  • Your Proxy – (1780+ members)

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