Paid Proxy Promotion

There are plenty of free ways to promote your proxy. However, many webmasters prefer paid advertising for a number of reasons. Paid promotion can have an instant affect on your traffic and revenue. It is also much less time consuming. It isn’t always easy though. It can take time to find the right form of promotion that you’re willing to spend money on. There are also scammers lurking on many forums, so always check what you’re paying for, and who it is from. Don’t feel that you have to spend money on promoting your proxy. Many webmasters make great returns with all the free advertising that’s available. If you do decide to pay for proxy promotion then stick to a few basic rules to maximise your profit.

Always set a budget. It’s easy to get carried away, especially if you don’t see the results that you want. It’s therefore also important to have some idea of what you want to achieve. Usually this is increased revenue and it needs to cover your outlay on the advertising as well as any increased hosting costs. Always be prepared for the increase in traffic. If you’re spending money on a service and your host cannot handle the surge in traffic then you’ve thrown money down the drain. I’ve lost count of the number of proxies that are suspended or unavailable right in the middle of their advertising campaign. So start slowly and build it up. If you’re new to proxies and still on shared hosting then an email blast to 50,000 is not going to be money well spent.

Always check exactly what you’re paying for. Is it multiple services, or just one? How long will it last? Are any results guaranteed? You need to know exactly when the promotion will take place so you can monitor your traffic logs and your revenue stats. Most importantly, check out the reputation of the person you’re paying. If you’re undertaking a keywords campaign on Google Adwords then you don’t have to worry. If you’ve just seen a fantastic offer on a forum, then ask yourself a few questions. How reliable are they? Do they have many posts? What are other webmasters saying? The vast majority of webmasters are honest and helpful. But there are people who are just looking for a quick buck at the expense of someone else. Always remember, if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is!

There are plenty of options when it comes to paid advertising for your proxy. Many of these services are listed on forums (see our resources). Remember to ask questions before you part with your cash; you might pay a premium for well established advertising methods but you’ll know that your money is well spent. There are two particularly popular forms of paid advertising; proxy email blasts and paid proxy links.

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