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One of the most common ways to promote proxy sites is to submit the site to proxy top lists. These lists are essentially directories of proxies. There are thousands of these sites out there, and they are mainly used by people looking for fresh web proxies. Of course, proxy top lists can be blocked in much the same way as a proxy. However, they are an incredibly useful way to drive targeted traffic to your site and are the main starting point for many new proxy webmasters.

There are several advantages to using proxy top lists. The most obvious is that they are a great way to drive proxy users to your site. Getting links to your proxy will also help your search engine rankings and PR. Many top lists have fairly high PR rankings, so these links can be quite valuable. However, the quality of proxy top lists varies. Some are full of dead links, and some are poorly designed. The most successful are user friendly. Remember that they aren’t a resource aimed primarily at webmasters. They are there to drive proxy users to your site.
Most proxy top lists allow you to submit your site for free. Most will require a link back to the top list on your proxy, and these are often in the form of a small graphic. If this link is not present then your proxy will automatically be removed from the top list. Some proxy top lists do allow you to submit your site for free, with no link required back to them. Most proxy top sites also offer paid positions. This means that the top few sites will be sponsored listings. They might be displayed in a different color, or in a more prominent position. These positions do not normally require a link back. The more popular the proxy list is, the more expensive these links will be.

It can be difficult to ascertain the value of these paid spots. The only real way to find out is to give it a go, and closely monitor your traffic and revenue. There is no point in paying for paid links if you don’t earn additional revenue to cover your outlay (remember to include any extra hosting costs). If you do pay for any form of advertising, ensure that your proxy host is able to cope with the increased demand. There’s nothing worse than thousands of visitors finding a site that doesn’t work or is suspended. You’ll have paid for the advertising, with no additional earnings to show for it.

Many proxy webmasters focus all their attention on proxy top lists. I have seen some proxies with hundreds of small banners or links on. The site ends up loading slowly, and looks terrible. It’s important to try and find a balance. Proxy top lists shouldn’t be your only promotion strategy. You should also limit how many outgoing links or banners you will permit on your site. It makes sense to target the top lists that are likely to bring you the most traffic. There is no point in getting all that traffic if your site loads slowly due to all the top list banners, as people will just go elsewhere. The graphics can also distract from your adverts, which can negatively impact your click through rate (and therefore earnings). We offer several templates that have distinct areas for top site links, so use one of those if top lists are part of your proxy promotion strategy. This keeps the top list graphics and links in one area (below the URL box).

A few proxy top lists to start:

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