Thank you for downloading this proxy template from! Please take the time to read this guide which will get your proxy set up in no time. In addition please read our Terms of Service before installing the template to your server. Remember, you can support Free Proxy Templates by purchasing a link removal licence or one of our proxy services.


1. Licence & copyrights

2. Installation details:
a) PHProxy
b) CGI Proxy
c) Zelune
d) Glype

1. Licence & Copyright

This template is distributed by FreeProxyTemplates free of charge. In order to use our templates you must maintain all links to and also links to our sponsors and partners at all times, unless you have purchased a valid link removal licence.

We retain all rights to the templates, coding and design. This means you may only claim ‘some rights reserved’, if you wish to assert your intellectual property rights to content that you own or have created.

Full licence and copyright details can be seen on our Terms of Service page. The utilisation of our templates will be viewed that you have read and accepted all of the terms outlined on the above page. Terms are subject to change or revision at any time without warning or notice.

Although this template is distributed free of charge you may purchase a link removal licence for a fee of $10. This licence entitles you to remove all branding and sponsor links from the footer of the templates. Purchasing a licence helps to support this site so that we can create new templates and offer support services to proxy webmasters. Please see the link removal page for further details or to purchase a licence.

2. Installation

The installation of the proxy is relatively straightforward and primarily involves simply uploading the relevant template files to your server. In some cases it is necessary to assign file permissions using CHMOD. Please skip to the appropriate instructions for the proxy script you are using.

a) PHProxy

Simply upload the following files and directories to the public folder of your host:
index.php,, config.php, style.css

The fonts and header.psd files are unnecessary.

b) CGI Proxy

Upload all files (excluding fonts or header.psd) to your web server.

Once all the files are uploaded locate the ‘nph-proxy-1.cgi’ file. CHMOD (change permissions) to 755.

c) Zelune

Upload all of the following files and directories to your server:
index.php, home.php, form.php, config.php
/images, /upload, /cookies, /js

CHMOD (change the permissions) of the ‘cookies’ and ‘uploads’ folders to 777.

Zelune requires that cURL is enabled on your server (most are). If you experience proxy malfunctions check with your host that they support cURL.

d) Glype proxy

Unfortunately installing a glype proxy can be a somewhat convoluted process. First you need to download and install the glype proxy script available from – please follow the instructions included with the script download.

Once you have installed glype proxy verify that it is working by loading it in your browser (is should display the default theme). Next download a glype-friendly template from FreeProxyTemplates and unzip the folder. The theme files will be in a folder with the theme name. Upload the template folder to the themes directory. The new template should now be located at [URL]/themes/[theme name].

Next open the settings file located at [URL]/includes/settings.php. Locate the line:

$CONFIG['theme'] = 'default';

and replace the word default for the theme name, for example:

$CONFIG['theme'] = 'pumpkin';

The name of the theme should match the name of the folder you uploaded to the themes directory.

Save and re-upload the settings file. Glype should now display your spanking new FreeProxyTemplates theme!

3. Customisation

The following do not apply to glype proxy. Please consult the glype installation instructions for details.

Most (if not all) of the changes you will want to make to your proxy can be done easily by editing the config.php file which is included with the theme files. The config.php file allows you to edit the following:
Proxy title/name, META description & keywords, on-page text, advertiser code, and your copyright tagline.

We highly recommend that you write unique content for your proxy. This means that the adverts served by AdSense (or others) will be more targeted to your particular users, leading to a higher click/conversion rate. In addition, our templates are downloaded tens of thousands of times. Search engines can impose penalties to sites which display identical (duplicate) content, meaning your site will appear much lower in the search results. Search engine traffic is very valuable to proxies so please ensure you make this simple edit.

All of our templates either have a plain text header/logo which can be edited in the config.php file or are supplied with a graphic header. If your template uses a graphic header we also supply you with a psd (Photoshop format file) which can be edited for your purposes. Ensure that you have the necessary fonts installed on your system (or opt to use alternative fonts). The compressed template folder will include a small text file listing the fonts used in the logo. We only use fonts which are widely available, or free to download.

To edit the psd file you will need Photoshop (or another program capable of editing Photoshop files). A free alternative is GIMP. Once you have opened the psd file please select the text layer(s) and using the text tool edit the site name and URL as appropriate. Once you are happy with the changes please save the file as logo.gif (replacing the existing logo image). Upload this file to your server and refresh your browser. It may be necessary to conduct a ‘hard’ refresh to see these changes (CTRL+F5 for windows users). Our proxy guide gives full details of how to customize your proxy logo.

If you are uncertain or unable to perform any of these alterations please see our forum or services page for assistance.

4. Help & support

If you get stuck with any aspect of installing or editing your proxy there are a number of places to obtain support. Firstly please acquaint yourself with our extensive proxy guide which lists many common and advanced techniques and procedures.

If you have an issue which is not covered in the proxy guide, the forum can be a good place to get support with a variety of issues. If your query has not been asked before, start a new thread and you should receive advice fairly quickly. Be as specific as possible, including any error codes and what fixes you have already tried.

If, however, you are on a tight deadline or have come completely unstuck please see our services page as we are able to offer assistance with a number of proxy issues for a negligible fee. This fee also supports our work on FPT and means we can continue to release free proxy templates.