Zelune Proxy Script Update

The last couple of templates released here at FreeProxyTemplates.com have been coded in the Zelune script, in addition to CGI and PHProxy. Zelune uses cURL to download pages, which is believed to be faster and more efficient than CGI/PHProxy. There has been positive feedback of the Zelune script, with many users agreeing that it is faster than its counterparts. However, the script does not have the same availability of customisable options and modifications as CGI and PHProxy.

Nevertheless, this looks set to change, with Zelune.net now under new ownership. We have been in contact with the new owner, and it looks like many promising new updates are on their way. These new features include:

– Bandwidth Saver (using compression)
– MySpace compatibility
– Orkut compatibility
– YouTube compatibility
– Country Blocker
– Admin Section
– Web Based Stats

The script is being worked on now, and will undergo testing to ensure that it lives up to its promises. The first release might be a couple of months away, but we have been promised a sneak preview so we can deliver a comprehensive review first.

If you have not tried Zelune yet, why not give it a go? Templates 9 and 10 are available to download ready coded with the Zelune script (there are also CGI and PHProxy versions). We also have some more new templates on their way, which will be available in all three scripts. We are also planning to code our older templates in Zelune and CGI, so subscribe to our feedburner to keep up to date with new releases.

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  1. Wow, Zelune is looking to beat out PHProxy!

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