News: Licence to remove links now available!

Due to ongoing demand we have devised a new licensing system for our templates. Webmasters can now pay $10 per domain to remove the links back to, and to remove our sponsored links. This is a one off charge, which will give webmasters 100% control over their site(s). We have plenty of new templates on the way, and licensed sites can switch between our templates with no additional charge payable. If you sell your site, then the license will transfer with the domain, so essentially $10 buys a licence for the domains life. To find out more, or to licence your site, see our link removal page.

We’ve introduced this system for a number of reasons. It is the most common request, and gives webmasters the choice on whether they use our templates for free (and display the links), or pay a small charge (and don’t display the links!). Furthermore, we’re hoping that the funds will enable us to finish off a number of projects that will benefit all proxy webmasters. We’re close to completing our (free) comprehensive guides, covering everything from building a proxy to the best monetization methods. Most importantly, we have stacks of web 2.0 templates to get coded and uploaded to the site. We’ll be offering all the templates currently available on the site in CGI, PhProxy, Zelune and Glype. Yep, we know it’s been a while coming, but Glype templates will be here soon (in the popular old designs, and the new releases).

Of course, if you don’t want to pay anything, then you don’t have to – continue to use the templates for free. All we ask is that the links remain intact. Unfortunately, many people are now using our templates without the links, and without the licence. We will be taking further action against these sites, as it is nothing short of theft. Please support by either purchasing a licence, or displaying the links as found in the downloadable templates.

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