Proxy Template #3 – Amazing Web 2.0

Our latest template has an amazing web2.0 feel and look and has been downloaded over 300 times in its first week! It’s so simple and easy to configure, it’s a must download for all proxy owners. Please remember that the proxy in the preview is disabled.

Template preview image

Please do NOT remove any sponsored links while using our templates unless you have purchased a licence!

Downloads: 3405 ( Click here to remove links )
password to unzip template: freeproxytemplates

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13 Responses to Proxy Template #3 – Amazing Web 2.0

  1. cynic girls says:

    thanks for nice template
    i have several questions

    – how to add addlogger in your template ?
    – i`m download your time from proxy free list
    so in my footer “Sponsored By Proxy Free List”
    should i change it to free proxy template or still use the old one


  2. admin says:

    Thanks for downloading the template :)

    To install AddLogger, go to , download the AdLogger file and inside it should contain instructions on how to put it on your website. (I haven’t tried this before)

    Also, you do not need to change the footer of the website.

  3. cynic girls says:

    thanks for answer

    will try instal adlogger now

    and one more questions, how to put banner in proxy frame, like adbrite

    and how to remove options and url form in proxy frame
    so only banner there


  4. admin says:

    You should take a look at this tutorial I wrote,

    You can use this technique to put any banners/ads that you may have and also take out check boxes (options).

  5. cynic girls says:

    forget to write

    can you.. add new template for proxytoplist

    and tutorial.. how to set up ssl proxy.. for phproxy or cgiproxy…

  6. cynic girls says:

    and one more
    when i change adsense code and use from adsense account
    i get and error

    when i`m compare your adsense code with my adsense code.. i saw you don`t put google_ad_channel = “”;

    is that ok, not use that? regarding adsense TOs, we can`t change their script code

    in your config adsense look like this

    and when i use code from adsense, they look like this


  7. admin says:

    You can put your own channels if you want!

  8. says:

    This is a great template. I’d like to thank you for this!

  9. admin says:, please make sure you keep the footer link required to use the template.

  10. cynic girls says:

    hello there

    i already make a change from your template ( still keep the footer link :) )

    i would to add more text in my page
    how to add more text in my page?
    i would to place text after adsense before proxy top list

    can you help?

  11. admin says:

    Open and put more text in between
    <br /><br /> and < div id="topsites">

  12. this is good design of proxy template i will recommend this to my friends

  13. komik says:

    thank you

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