Why set up a Proxy site?

Proxy websites are popular with webmasters for a number of reasons. Firstly they are extremely easy to set up. Thanks to the free proxy templates that we distribute you can get a proxy site set up from start to finish within minutes. This is great because once you start earning from your first proxy you’re bound to want to set up a network of sites.

Once you’ve got a hosting provider for the first site, adding another to your network is simply a case of adjusting the site logo and content, purchasing a domain name and uploading to the server. Not having to worry about the design or coding of the proxy site means you are free to spend time promoting your proxies, driving traffic and adding more sites to the network.

Proxies are also very popular because they require no maintenance. Once it’s uploaded and you’ve done some simple link-building it will generate a completely passive (hands-off) income stream.

Most successful proxy webmasters devote regular time to promoting their sites and adding new proxies to their network. This ensures that even if certain sites get blocked by network administrators that other sites in your network are still accessible. It is important to continually experiment with your sites to ensure your earnings are maximised. By tweaking ad placements, trialling different advertisers and traffic sources your sites will gain more exposure and in turn your earnings will increase. Using our templates makes it simple to adjust the design and content on the page so your time is free to build backlinks and develop more proxy sites!

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